11 September 2007

Beating Sarkozy Over the Head with a Baguette

IN FRANCE, FEW things are as sacred as a fresh baguette. Just ask President Sarkozy. Some in France are asking the president why baguette prices are rising so fast (a whopping 70 cents is what I paid on my way home tonight). But bread prices are a real indicator of the in standard of living in France. The local news reported last night that the national average price for a baguette is 75 - 85 cents but is forcasted to rise by about 5-7% in the next year -- and people are angry. Remember, this is a country where 85% of the people buy their bread daily. I guess when you're buying bread every day, you notice when the price go up.


benwygal513 said...

Bon jour, Scrivens!
We have just signed on and are excited to know we will be able to keep up with you and give you our highly intelligent comments!
You guys look great in the video!! Will write more later... we are headed for West Texas early in the morning - will stay a few days and take in our high school reunion!
Reika and Ben

frenchforawhile said...

Always great to hear from Reika and Ben!!

newinfrance said...

Perhaps the best bread in the world for under 1 Euro? The French should stop complaining