11 September 2007

Dream Theater = Favorite Teacher

TODAY ONE OF my new history classes met for the first time and less than 30 minutes in one of the students declared that I was now his 'favorite teacher of all time.'

Was it my passion for the topic? No. My charm and wit? No. My ability to convey inportant historical concepts in a captivating and innovative way? Not even close. The reason: I like Dream Theater. Since it was the first day of class students were asking me lots of questions, and one was what kind of music I liked. I told them I like all kinds, from Bach to Grieg, to The Police, to Dream Theater -- adding that Scenes From A Memory was currently in my car CD player. An Italian kid in the back (who lives in Beruit of all places) immediately expressed his love for Dream Theater and made the 'favorite teacher' declaration

See. There are lots of ways to connect with students.


Charles Scriven said...

For friends and (aging) family members, make notes, while you're in France, on great ideas for serving vegetables.

This is a great site, but since Dream Theater, though good, is the last word for me, I will refrain, so far, from saying is the my favorite blog in all the world.

Anonymous said...

Most of the members of Dream Theater are well into their 40s -- so it's never to late to jump on the bandwagon.